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Tahun 2015

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1 Hida, N., Abdullah, M., Yasin, M. Fiber optic displacement sensor for honey purity detection using glucose adulterant Jurnal Teknologi
2 Kadir, S. The role of probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum IS-10506 toward the total of CD4+; igA for the immune response of elderly people Research Journal of Pharmaceutical; Biological and Chemical Sciences
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12 Wida Utami, E.S., Purnobasuki, H., Soedarti, T., Hariyanto, S. Asymbiotic seed germination and in vitro seedling development of paphiopedilum liemianum fowlie; an endangered terrestrial orchid in northern sumatra; indonesia Journal of Plant Sciences
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17 Rudyanto, M., Widiandani, T., Syahrani, A. Some benzoxazine and aminomethyl derivatives of eugenol: Cytotoxicity on MCF-7 cell line International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
18 Sukoco, B.M. Interrelatedness; interdependencies; and domain learning in alliance portfolios International Journal of Business
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23 Wicaksana, I.G.W. Indonesia?s policy on climate change mitigation: Constraints and solutions Advanced Science Letters
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25 Hagiwara, H., Basnet, R., Wiyasihati, S.I., Nakata, K., Hagiwara, K., Miyazaki, H., Yoshida, K. Carnosic acid inhibits the formation of osteoclasts through attenuation of expression of RANKL PharmaNutrition
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