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Tahun 2018

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Update: 2018-02-12
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1 Rodrigues, P.T., Valdivia, H.O., De Oliveira, T.C., Alves, J.M.P., Duarte, A.M.R.C., Cerutti-Junior, C., Buery, J.C., Brito, C.F.A., De Souza, J.C., Hirano, Z.M.B., Bueno, M.G., Catão-Dias, J.L., Malafronte, R.S., Ladeia-Andrade, S., Mita, T., Santamaria, A.M., Calzada, J.E., Tantular, I.S., Kawamoto, F., Raijmakers, L.R.J., Mueller, I., Pacheco, M.A., Escalante, A.A., Felger, I., Ferreira, M.U. Human migration and the spread of malaria parasites to the New World Scientific Reports
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3 Noviany, N., Nurhidayat, A., Hadi, S., Suhartati, T., Aziz, M., Purwitasari, N., Subasman, I. Sesbagrandiflorain A and B: isolation of two new 2-arylbenzofurans from the stem bark of Sesbania grandiflora Natural Product Research
4 Indrayanah, S., Rosyidah, A., Setyawati, H., Murwani, I.K. Performance of magnesium hydroxide fluorides as heterogeneous acid catalyst for biodiesel production Rasayan Journal of Chemistry
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7 Yuanita, T., Zubaidah, N., Kunarti, S. Expression of osteoprotegrin and osteoclast level in chronic apical periodontitis induced with east java propolis extract Iranian Endodontic Journal
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9 Kitagawa, K., Shigemura, K., Yamamichi, F., Alimsardjono, L., Rahardjo, D., Kuntaman, K., Shirakawa, T., Fujisawa, M. International comparison of causative bacteria and antimicrobial susceptibilities of urinary tract infections between Kobe, Japan, and Surabaya, Indonesia Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases
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11 Myint, T., Miftahussurur, M., Vilaichone, R.-K., Ni, N., Aye, T.T., Subsomwong, P., Uchida, T., Mahachai, V., Yamaoka, Y. Characterizing helicobacter pylori cagA in Myanmar Gut and Liver
12 Goudihalli, S.R., Morisako, H., Prastarana, W., Goto, T., Ohata, H., Ohata, K. Contralateral Minimum Anterior and Posterior Combined Petrosal Approach for Retrochiasmatic Craniopharyngiomas: An Alternative Technique Journal of Neurological Surgery, Part B: Skull Base
13 Fahmi, M.Z., Wathoniyyah, M., Khasanah, M., Rahardjo, Y., Wafiroh, S., Abdulloh Incorporation of graphene oxide in polyethersulfone mixed matrix membranes to enhance hemodialysis membrane performance RSC Advances
14 Arifin, M., Suryaningtyas, W., Bajamal, A.H. Frontoethmoidal encephalocele: clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and complications in 400 cases Child's Nervous System
15 Harymawan, I. Why do firms appoint former military personnel as directors? Evidence of loan interest rate in militarily connected firms in Indonesia Asian Review of Accounting
16 Hendradi, E., Hariyadi, D.M., Adrianto, M.F. The effect of two different crosslinkers on in vitro characteristics of ciprofloxacin-loaded chitosan implants Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
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20 Kuncoro, E.P., Isnadina, D.R.M., Darmokoesoemo, H., Fauziah, O.R., Kusuma, H.S. Characterization, kinetic, and isotherm data for adsorption of Pb2+from aqueous solution by adsorbent from mixture of bagasse-bentonite Data in Brief
21 Kwary, D.A. A corpus and a concordancer of academic journal articles Data in Brief
22 Kusuyama, J., Kamisono, A., ChangHwan, S., Amir, M.S., Bandow, K., Eiraku, N., Ohnishi, T., Matsuguchi, T. Spleen tyrosine kinase influences the early stages of multilineage differentiation of bone marrow stromal cell lines by regulating phospholipase C gamma activities Journal of Cellular Physiology
23 Yasin, M., Samian, Khasanah, M. Detection of magnesium ion concentration using fiber coupler based displacement sensor with concave mirror target Optik
24 Sinawang, P.D., Fajs, L., Elouarzaki, K., Nugraha, J., Marks, R.S. TEMPO-based immuno-lateral flow quantitative detection of dengue NS1 protein Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
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26 Chon Park, Y., Kanba, S., Chong, M.-Y., Tripathi, A., Kallivayalil, R.A., Avasthi, A., Grover, S., Chee, K.Y., J. Tanra, A., Maramis, M.M., Yang, S.-Y., Sartorius, N., Tan, C.-H., Shinfuku, N., Park, S.-C. To use the brief psychiatric rating scale to detect disorganized speech in schizophrenia: Findings from the REAP-AP study Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences
27 Hermansyah, A., Sainsbury, E., Krass, I. Investigating the impact of the universal healthcare coverage programme on community pharmacy practice Health and Social Care in the Community