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Tahun 2018

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Update: 2018-04-16
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1 Utomo, D.N., Mahyudin, F., Hernugrahanto, K.D., Suroto, H., Chilmi, M.Z., Rantam, F.A. Implantation of platelet rich fibrin and allogenic mesenchymal stem cells facilitate the healing of muscle injury: An experimental study on animal International Journal of Surgery Open
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10 Amaliyah, S., Hariyanto, S., Purnobasuki, H. Growth responses of rhizophora apiculata blume in different soil and sediment conditions AACL Bioflux
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15 Nugroho, Y., Prasetyo, A. Assessing information systems success: A respecification of the DeLone and McLean model to integrating the perceived quality Problems and Perspectives in Management
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19 Srirahayu, D.P. The strategy of university library in Indonesia to support world class university (WCU) Library Philosophy and Practice
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