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1 Youl Lee, J., Taniguchi, T., Zhang, K., Ng, C.F., Hakim, L., Umbas, R., Kim, C.-S., Chung, B.H., Kim, W.-J., Aik Ong, T., Lim, J., Akaza, H. Report of the forth Asian Prostate Cancer (A-CaP) study meeting Japanese journal of clinical oncology Article
2 Wahyuni, D.K., Rohmatin, N., Prajoga, B., Wardoyo, E., Junairiah, Purnobasuki, H. Callus induction of justicia gendarussa leafexplant (Justicia gendarussa burm.f.) with growth regulator 2,4-d, IBA and kinetin International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
3 Wahyudianto, F.E., Oktavitri, N.I., Hariyanto, S. Kinetics of phosporus removal from laundry wastewater in constructed wetlands with Equisetum hymale Journal of Ecological Engineering Article
4 Nasih, M.O., Firmansyah, A. Optimization of imta extension retribution in east java province International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
5 Sukoco, B.M., Sucipto, D.M. Effect of service quality, satisfaction, switching cost, innovativeness to switching intention of national television in the city of surabaya International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
6 Nasih, M., Zakik The effect of dry land governance in Madura Island in Islamic perspective International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
7 Muhammad, A.R., Rosol, A.H.A., Tahrin, R.A.A., Azman, N.S., Kassim, S., Ismail, M.A., Jusoh, Z., Harun, S.W. Passive Q-switching operation of erbium-doped fiber laser with gold nanoparticles embedded into PVA film as saturable absorber Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures Article
8 Sukoco, B.M., Sucipto, D.M. Influence of switching behaviour toward national television consumers satisfaction and switching intention in surabaya International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
9 Srimulyo, K., Megananda, R. Analysis of librarian job satisfaction dimensions in Surabaya city International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
10 Smith, K.J., Argarini, R., Carter, H.H., Quirk, B.C., Haynes, A., Naylor, L.H., McKirdy, H., Kirk, R.W., McLaughlin, R.A., Green, D.J. Novel Noninvasive Assessment of Microvascular Structure and Function in Humans Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Article
11 Leli, S.N., Agustono, Alamsjah, M.A. Effect of turbidity differences on bleaching condition of sargassum sp. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
12 Sari, D.S.P., Saputra, E., Alamsjah, M.A. Potential of fucoxanthin content in sargassum sp. On sunscreen cream preparation International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Article
13 Sampurna, M.T.A., Ratnasari, K.A., Saharso, D., Bos, A.F., Sauer, P.J.J., Dijk, P.H., Hulzebos, C.V. Current phototherapy practice on Java, Indonesia BMC Pediatrics Article In Press
14 Pramudya, M., Wahyuningsih, S.P.A. Immunomodulatory potential of polysaccharides from coriolus versicolor against intracellular bacteria neisseria gonorrhoeae Veterinary World Article
15 Osman, C.P., Ismail, N.H., Widyawaruyanti, A., Imran, S., Tumewu, L., Choo, C.Y., Ideris, S. Evaluation of a series of 9,10-anthraquinones as antiplasmodial agents Letters in Drug Design and Discovery Letter
16 Setiawan, M., Putra, S.T., Sargowo, D. Efficacy of purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) extract to prevent the aortic wall thickness of white male rats atherosclerosis model Medicinal Plants Article
17 Sari, N.I.P., Mertaniasih, N.M., Soedarsono, Maruyama, F. Application of serial tests for Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection to active lung tuberculosis cases in Indonesia BMC Research Notes Article
18 Nasih, M., Harymawan, I., Paramitasari, Y.I., Handayani, A. Carbon emissions, firm size, and corporate governance structure: Evidence from the mining and agricultural industries in Indonesia Sustainability (Switzerland) Article
19 Listiana-Kriswandini, I., Budi-Rahardjo, M., Soesilawati, P., Prisca-Suciadi, A. Detection of Candida albicans biofilm proteins induced by glucose, lactose, soy protein, and iron Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry Article
20 Gandola, A.E., Dainelli, L., Zimmermann, D., Dahlui, M., Detzel, P. Milk Powder Fortified with Potassium and Phytosterols to Decrease the Risk of Cardiovascular Events among the Adult Population in Malaysia: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Nutrients Article
21 Fujii, Y., Hai Doan, Y., Wahyuni, R.M., Lusida, M.I., Utsumi, T., Shoji, I., Katayama, K. Improvement of rotavirus genotyping method by using the semi-nested multiplex-PCR with new primer set Frontiers in Microbiology Article
22 Tedjosasongko, U., Anggraeni, F., Wen, M.L., Kuntari, S., Puteri, M.M. Prevalence of caries and periodontal disease among Indonesian pregnant women Pesquisa Brasileira em Odontopediatria e Clinica Integrada Article
23 Suciadi, S.P., Nugraha, A.P., Ernawati, D.S., Ayuningtyas, N.F., Narmada, I.B., Prahasanti, C., Dinaryanti, A., Ihsan, I.S., Hendrinto, E., Susilowati, H., Rantam, F.A. The efficacy of human dental pulp stem cells in regenerating submandibular gland defects in diabetic wistar rats (Rattus novergicus) Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Article
24 Setianto, R.H., Pratiwi, A. Working capital management in indonesia: An analysis on overinvestment and underinvestment firms Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business Article
25 Różycka-Tran, J., Piotrowski, J.P., Żemojtel-Piotrowska, M., Jurek, P., Osin, E.N., Adams, B.G., Ardi, R., Bălțătescu, S., Bhomi, A.L., Bogomaz, S.A., Cieciuch, J., Clinton, A., de Clunie, G.T., Czarna, A.Z., Esteves, C.S., Gouveia, V., Halik, M.H.J., Kachatryan, N., Kamble, S.V., Kawula, A., Klicperova-Baker, M., Kospakov, A., Letovancova, E., Lun, V.M.-C., Cerrato, S.M., Muehlbacher, S., Nikolic, M., Pankratova, A.A., Park, J., Paspalanova, E., Pék, G., de León, P.P., Šolcová, I.P., Shahbaz, W., Ha, T.T.K., Tiliouine, H., Van Hiel, A., Vauclair, C.-M., Wills-Herrera, E., Włodarczyk, A., Yahiiaiev, I.I., Maltby, J. Belief in a zero-sum game and subjective well-being across 35 countries Current Psychology Article
26 Rohman, A., Dijkstra, B.W. The role and mechanism of microbial 3-ketosteroid Δ1-dehydrogenases in steroid breakdown Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Review
27 Natallya, F., Herwanto, N., Prakoeswa, C., Indramaya, D., Rantam, F. Effective healing of leprosy chronic plantar ulcers by application of human amniotic membrane stem cell secretome gel Indian Journal of Dermatology Article
28 Jariah, R.O.A., Hakim, M.S. Interaction of phages, bacteria, and the human immune system: Evolutionary changes in phage therapy Reviews in Medical Virology Review
29 Astuti, P.A.S., Kurniasari, N.M.D., Mulyawan, K.H., Sebayang, S.K., Freeman, B. From glass boxes to social media engagement: An audit of tobacco retail marketing in Indonesia Tobacco Control Article
30 Ahmad, H., Rashid, H., Ismail, M.F., Thambiratnam, K. Tungsten-disulphide-based heterojunction photodetector Applied Optics Article
31 Tualeka, A.R., Kalamillah, H., Meidikayanti, W. Association between duration working with lung disruption condition using pulmonary vital capacity (PVC) test on lathe worker at Yogyakarta, Indonesia Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Article
32 Srirahayu, D.P., Irfana, M.S., Mannan, E.F., Anugrah, E.P. Serendipity on information searching behavior in use e-journal collection Library Philosophy and Practice Article
33 Srirahayu, D.P., Anugrah, E.P. The interpretation of OPAC service in the Library of Universitas Airlangga Library Philosophy and Practice Article
34 Soedjono, E.S., Fitriani, N., Setiawan, A., Mulia, G.J.T., Ningsih, D.A. Study on communal wastewater treatment plants (CWWTPs) in Gresik, Indonesia International Journal of Integrated Engineering Article
35 Soebadi, M.A., Hakim, L., Van Der Aa, F., De Ridder, D. Real-Life Data on Mirabegron in Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction Urologia Internationalis Article in Press
36 Setijanto, R.D., Bramantoro, T., Palupi, R., Hanani, A. The role of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control (PBC) of mothers on teaching toothbrushing to preschool children - Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior: A cross-sectional study Family Medicine and Primary Care Review Article
37 Saragi, S., Murty, A.I., Athiyah, U. Exploring the potential of interprofessional collaboration in medication therapy management in primary health care Fabad Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Article
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39 Rofida, R., Fitriani, N., Indarko, D.G., Yuniarto, A., Marsono, B.D., Soedjono, E.S. Water quality mapping of piped water supply in Malang City - Indonesia International Journal of Integrated Engineering Article
40 Putra, I.G.N.E., Pradnyani, P.E., Parwangsa, N.W.P.L. Vulnerability to domestic physical violence among married women in Indonesia Journal of Health Research Article
41 Purwono, R., Nugroho, R.Y.Y., Mubin, M.K. Response on new credit program in Indonesia: An asymmetric information perspective Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business Article
42 Oceandy, D., Amanda, B., Ashari, F.Y., Faizah, Z., Azis, M.A., Stafford, N. The Cross-Talk Between the TNF-α and RASSF-Hippo Signalling Pathways International journal of molecular sciences Review
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44 Ismail, E.I., Kadir, N.A.A., Latiff, A.A., Arof, H., Harun, S.W. Passively Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser using quantum dots CdSe embedded in polymer film as saturable absorber Optical and Quantum Electronics Article
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48 Empitu, M.A., Kadariswantiningsih, I.N., Thaha, M., Nugroho, C.W., Cahyaning Putri, E.A., El Hakim, Z., Suryansyah, M.M., Alda, R.R., Alsagaff, M.Y., Amin, M., Santoso, D., Suzuki, Y. Determiner of poor sleep quality in chronic kidney disease patients links to elevated diastolic blood pressure, hs-CRP, and blood-count-based inflammatory predictors Indonesian Biomedical Journal Article
49 Eliyana, A., Ma'arif, S., Muzakki Job satisfaction and organizational commitment effect in the transformational leadership towards employee performance European Research on Management and Business Economics Article in Press
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51 Apriliawan Hariyoto, F.D., Soegianto, A., Hidayati, D. Accumulation of pb, cd and zn in the bullet tuna (Auxis rochei) caught from Bali Strait Indonesia Ecology, Environment and Conservation Article
52 Anna, N.E.V., Mannan, E.F., Srirahayu, D.P. Evaluation of the Role of Society-Based Library in Empowering Surabaya City People Public Library Quarterly Article in Press
53 Anna, N.E.V. Top 10 mobile apps to support LIS students learning Library Philosophy and Practice Article
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56 Aisyah, S.N., Sugihartati, R. The correlation between plagiarism perception and users trust about the accuracy of turnitin software at The University of Indonesia Library Philosophy and Practice Article
57 Ahmad, H., Thandavan, T.M.K., Ismail, M.F. Surface plasmonic effect of nanoparticle-like silver nanostructure on the high responsivity of visible/infrared silver-based heterojunction photodetector Journal of Modern Optics Article in Press
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59 Santoso, D., Devianto, N., Pranawa, Yogiantoro, M. Chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorders laboratory profiles in chronic haemodialysis patients Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development Article
60 Ni’Matuzahroh, Sari, S.K., Ningrum, I.P., Pusfita, A.D., Marjayandari, L., Trikurniadewi, N., Ibrahim, S.N.M.M., Fatimah, Nurhariyati, T., Surtiningsih, T., Yuliani, H. The potential of indigenous bacteria from oil sludge for biosurfactant production using hydrolysate of agricultural waste Biodiversitas Article
61 Maison, D., Marchlewska, M., Zein, R.A., Syarifah, D., Purba, H. Religiously permissible consumption: The influence of the halal label on product perceptions depending on the centrality of religiosity Journal of Islamic Marketing Article in Press
62 Wahyudi, S.S., Budiono, Tarmono, Soetojo, Soebadi, D.M., Hardjowijoto, S. Total cholesterol and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels as prognostic markers for urosepsis Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development Article
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64 Setyaningtyas, S.W., Putri, A.N., Dhorta, N.F., Faresta, B. MATES (Macaron dates) as an alternative supplementary food for undernourished toddler Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development Article
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67 Prihandono, I., Relig, F.H. International Certification as a Mechanism for Protecting the Human Rights of Indonesian Coffee Farmers Environmental Policy and Law Review
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96 Harisanty, D. Level of user satisfaction on the Facebook library Library Hi Tech News Article
97 Gunawan, E., Widiyantoro, S., Marliyani, G.I., Sunarti, E., Ida, R., Gusman, A.R. Fault source of the 2 September 2009 Mw 6.8 Tasikmalaya intraslab earthquake, Indonesia: Analysis from GPS data inversion, tsunami height simulation, and stress transfer Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors Article
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