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141 SHAFIRA KURNIA SUPANDI The aesthetic management of gingival enlargement and hyperpigmentation in maxillary anterior region Pemeriksaan berkas
142 HENDRIK SETIA BUDI The MMP-2, MMP-9 Expression and Collagen Density of the Ambonese Banana Stem Sap Administration on Wound Healing Pemeriksaan berkas
143 TITIEK BERNIYANTI Overview of Dentures’ Demand to Support the Improvement of Life Quality of the Elderly at High‐Level Life Expectancy in Indonesia Pemeriksaan berkas
144 CHRISTIAN KHOSWANTO A New Technique for Research on Wound Healing through Extraction of Mandibular Lower Incisors in Wistar Rats Pemeriksaan berkas
145 NINUK HARIYANI Factors influencing the severity of dental caries among Indonesian children with autism spectrum disorder – a pilot study Pemeriksaan berkas
146 TRISNIARTAMI SETYANINGRUM Aspergillus fumigatus as an agent of cutaneous aspergillosis in immunocompetent patient: A rare case Pemeriksaan berkas
147 TRISNIARTAMI SETYANINGRUM The efficacy and safety of fractional erbium yag laser combined with topical amniotic membrane stem cell (AMSC) metabolite product for facial rejuvenation: A controlled, split-face study Pemeriksaan berkas
148 IRA WIDJIASTUTI Pulp Fibroblast Cell Apoptosis After Application of Hema Dentine Bonding Material with Ethanol and Water Solvent Pemeriksaan berkas
149 IRA WIDJIASTUTI The difference between porcelain and composite resin shear bond strength in the administration of 4% and 9.81% silane Pemeriksaan berkas
150 MUHAMMAD SUBHAN AMIR Reliability of Americleft Yardstick Nasolabial Appearance Assessment With/Without Basal View for Japanese Children With Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate Pemeriksaan berkas


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